Please enjoy the March edition of the Capital Connected Newsletter. It may be the most interactive/visual edition yet!

Everyone submitted awesome pictures/videos so we can all experience your workspace whether we’re across the city or in a different province.

Our Facilities

The Cultivator has been home to carma since the beginning of December 2018. The local business incubator launched their official brand name and identity on the last day of January this year at 2 Research Drive which is located on the South side of the University of Regina campus. Cultivator is Canada’s 1st Credit Union led incubator proudly powered by Conexus Credit Union. The incubator space helps founders launch, grow, and scale innovative startup companies right here in Saskatchewan.

With this space, local entrepreneurs will no longer have to take their ideas elsewhere. Through the business incubator and programming, Conexus will be able to help grow and enable successful startups right here at home, helping to build a stronger Saskatchewan.

The Cultivator space at the University of Regina is temporary for the time being. Conexus has bigger plans to move the Cultivator to their 80,000 square foot headquarters which will be located west of Darke Hall, and east to the soon to be realigned Wascana Drive. The new building is planned to be completed construction by 2020 and will have approximately 15,000 square feet of space dedicated for the Cultivator which will be located on the north side of the building and occupy portions of the ground and second floor levels. The space will include flex space, a pitch space and have a connection to Darke Hall.

carma has found the space to beneficial so far. Since it’s official launch, Cultivator has hosted several community events including a presentation from a few early members of GasBuddy who spoke about their story and how they scaled a tech startup in Regina. The Cultivator plans to incorporate some more visual graphics around their office with help from carma’s designer, Lucas and Krugo designer, Conor who designed the large “We Grow SK Startups” graphic that is currently in the space. The large illustrative mural shows iconic landmarks from around our city, can you guess them all? Hint, all of them are/will be in Regina.

UCC Rochdale Location

Auto Spa – Mouldy March

The worst vehicle the Auto Spa cleaned this month was covered in black mould

UCC 1st Ave Location

Sales Department

Our Sales Department boasts a 10 car showroom, outlined with offices and customer areas.

Parts/Accessories Department

Our parts and Accessories Department offers ample space to serve our customers on both the front and back counters.

Service/Lube Bay

Our Service Department is set up for business. With a big bright shop, staff lounge, clean up bays and 4 drive-thru lube bays we are well equipped to serve our customers!

Note From the Mayor

I think we can all say we are glad that Deep Freeze of February has come and gone. We can see Spring on the horizon and I am excited to see the green return. As beautiful as this building is and our facilities are it is the people that make Capital Edmonton the best. Thanks for all you do!!!

Have you ever wonder how you’re connected and where all your data is stored or what it looks like?

The majority of our data is housed in the cloud through google suites, but as for how you get there and out to the cloud, or to the Capital Group’s servers , we run a very complex and stable network that ties everyone into our air conditioned, temperature controlled server room.

With thousands of ethernet cables connecting your individual computers to the internet and back to our main facility in Regina.

All Reynolds and Reynolds server/network gear are neatly housed in a rolling cabinet with its own power supply and backup batteries.  Our Main Capital Auto Group servers are on a steel rack connected through several hundreds of ports. It’s amazing that we managed to tie in 5 individual dealerships into one centralized location!

For security purposes, the room is always locked and a timesheet is used to monitor who comes and goes into the room at all times.

Here’s a glimpse of what our main server room looks like.

Sales Department

Top Salesperson

Congratulations to Matt Winchar, salesman of the month for February with an even split of 7 New and 7 Used and the top salesman for the 3rd consecutive month.

VOC Person/Highlights

VOC is and will continue to be a hot topic over the upcoming days. We must find a way to not only continue our increased sales rates but we also have to ensure that customers are happy. That we’re setting proper expectations and delivering on them.

New Cars Sold


RO#1194 service RO’s and 115 Body Shop RO’s

Used Cars Sold


Competitor Info

The marketplace has softened and every dealership but 2 are seeing increases in parts and service this year. We’re proud to be counted in as one of those stores. We continue to outpace our previous results and the market place in general. Thank you for all you bring to the table and all your help to put us in such an enviable position!

Service Department

Top Technician

Congratulations to our ENTIRE service team. Together you pulled off the best February ever in this dealership. Almost exactly 3x more than just a few years ago. It’s not always easy and with work coming through at an unprecedented pace it can be uncomfortable but you were able to get through and mark one up in the record books. Thank you all for all you do!


$226,908 in Parts Sold!

Welcome to the team:

Leo Caronte, joining us as our 3rd finance manager. John Medeiros, joining our sales management team. Tara Goebel, joining the sales team. John Mempin, joining the detailing team. Justin Fernandes, manning the helm up front at reception.

BBQ Schedule:

May 31s – GMC – 1 Rider Game Preseason Game

June 28t – New Car Ford Building

July 26 – UCC (Rider Game July 27)

August 23rd – Ford Used Building (Rider Game August 24)

Capital Ford Sales

Our main building here at Capital Ford Lincoln in Regina resembling a beacon of light, one of the largest Ford Lincoln dealerships in existence!

This black beauty greets everyone at our main entrance! Our resident Ford GT, We are proud to be one of only 2 dealerships to receive one in Canada!

A par 3 Dogleg showroom, one of the largest and brightest around!

Our separate Lincoln show space, warm and welcoming. Our beautiful Lincoln Lounge is complete with fresh coffee, a cozy fireplace, and of course, our Diamond club award, proudly displayed!

One of the more unique aspects of Capital Ford Lincoln, our separate Pre-Owned building, fully equipped to show off our acres full of pre-owned inventory! State-of-the-art and still bright and welcoming, with bay doors to allow us to show off pre-owned inventory during winter INDOORS!!

Capital Auto Glass

Capital Auto Glass opened February 2016 @ the Capital Ford Pre Owned Building.
A LIVE look at where the action happens. In addition to 2 auto glass bays we have 4 hoists and a drive on wheel alignment hoist primarily designated for used car reconditioning.
Spring of 2018 Capital Auto Glass added a Mobile Service Van for Auto Glass repair and replacement.
Power inverter, vacuum, air compressor, laptop and the all the latest glass related tools.

Capital Ford Service

We Face Pasqua St North. We have 2 Main Drive through customer entrance doors and our Quicklane entrance is located here as well.

Our drive-thru is Bright and Spacious. We located our Main Shop Service Advisors down the center of the 2 lanes to give them direct access to looking after our customers as they arrive. We have 3 main shop advisors, 2 truck shop advisors and 1 Lincoln Advisor.

Our Service BDC is located in our Main service drive along the North wall – we moved our BDC team to this location to ensure there was no disconnect to the day to day business.

Our Quicklane customer area offers comfortable seating, TV’s for viewing and arguably the Best popcorn in the City!! (they have different popcorn seasonings!) We operate our Quicklane the way that it was intended – No Appointment necessary!

Our Quicklane is comprised of 6 bays and a pit/drive-thr area which includes a small lift that allows the tires to be rotated and the inspection of brakes and components.

Our truck shop has a Heavy Duty alignment bay, we are able to work on any size vehicle from a Super duty and the way up to a Highway Tractor.

We offer Climate controlled tire storage for our customers- we currently store nearly 3200 of our customer’s tires!!

Some of our Main shop bays – in these bays we work on F150 size of vehicles and smaller.

We like to believe that we have the strongest, most resilient techs in ALL of Canada.

This is a couple of our Quicklane techs getting the job done!! The exterior temp on this particular day was -38 C!! Don’t let the sunshine fool you – it was Freezing Cold (-38 degrees)!!

Parts Department

Thanks for taking the tour, We’re looking forward to seeing everyone else’s buildings!