News From the Sales Departments

Vyas and his wife welcomed a new baby boy to the family on January 31st. Congratulations!

Jenny Deis, Business Manager, has left to pursue other opportunities in a warmer climate – British Columbia. Best of luck Jenny!

Top Sales Performers For January

New Vehicle Sales:

Top Overall:

Rajat Saggar

Used Vehicle Sales:

Abhijit Gavali

Digital Side

On the digital side with the help of our friends at Carbon, we do a Win It Wednesday every week where we give away a gift card to spend at a local business. Typically 500 people enter the draw every week.

Service Department: Gift Certificates for the 21st Century!!

I’m not sure about your stores , but in our store previously- if a customer came in around a special occasion or time of year and was looking to purchase a Gift Card or set up a credit for a loved one or friend- it was nearly impossible, depending on who they spoke with would determine what they walked away with!

We had some advisors writing up a repair order with a misc dollar amount billed out, we had our parts dept writing on an old “Gift Certificate Pad” and selling on a parts invoice- who knows where the duplicate copy would end up???

Then comes time for the excited recipient to come in to redeem their gift…. AND they forgot their copy at home… so now we try to figure out, was it sold at parts, or service— was the gift card in your name?? Or who bought it for your?? Maybe it’s under their name!!! Talk about making a GREAT first impression!!

Some of you may have even gone one step further than the Stone Age paper system and got actual gift cards. These are ok, but are still old technology.  A customer can still loose the card, when the customer comes in and does not use all of the gift card- they may be left wondering at a later date—“I wonder how much I have on this card??”

Along comes the Gift Card for the 21st Century-

Any card is an online, digital gift card. The card is purchased directly from the Capital Ford Regina home page from a link that is on the top menu tabs. When the customer decides to purchase a gift card they simply click the option, the system walks them through the purchase process- they pick the dollar amount, enter who will be receiving the gift and when they would like the gift send, they pick the graphics and message and simply hit send! It really doesn’t get any easier. The Gift card can be sent via text or email. When the card is redeemed and there is a remaining balance on the card, the customer will receive an email or text advising of the amount remaining.

The Gift cards can be used for ALL departments!

The Gift card is very versatile and can be used as well for promotions to drive traffic to your departments! You can send a gift card that works in correlation to a purchase amount, or just simply a Thank you for being our customer. If you have a policy decision- a Gift card can be used instead of a simple refund- thus keeping the moneys within your dealership. See the link below- if you are interested let me know and I can have someone reach out to you from Any Card.

Parts Department

January gave us a good start to the year, slightly ahead of the pace from 2018’s start, and after a soft December, Januarys a positive start for the year.

We’d like to welcome Nick Bitz to our Ford Parts Team!  Nick joins us as a part time delivery driver!   Nick has retired from driving bus with the City of Regina and we love that experience of driving around town to help get our customers their parts in a timely fashion…Welcome Nick!

Also we had Joe Urszulan starred in a Parts Video produced by Carbon Marketing that promoted our Parts Omnicraft  brand. We received a thank you from Ford for the quality of the video. Apparently it was part of Ford meetings and displayed in Canada and the United States. Trump loved it.  Thanks to everyone involved.

On the digital side, we are always putting some spend towards our Accessories business and also working on building our Omnicraft brand.  We are starting a pilot project with our Parts Catalogue provider, Micorcat.  It’s a robust CRM program strictly geared towards growing the Parts Wholesale business.  It involves tracking for customer sales, spontaneous CRM for quick to market specials and built in tools for our Sales rep top track not only sales results, but customer trends and customer history all at his fingertips plus much more we are learning about.  It’s looking like a promising program!