Happy February everyone! Wow it has been a cold month so far and I think the only people that are happy about it are all of the people that are on a hot vacation or all of the service and parts departments. Lol!

I had a great opportunity to attend the National Auto Dealers Association convention in January and I got to see a ton of great speakers and I was able to attend some great work shops. Everything was focused on digital and how the car industry is changing at a rapid pace. We came back with some great ideas and strategies to keep us ahead of the curve and industry leaders.

We got a ton of presentations from various companies like Reynolds and Reynolds, Ebay, Vauto, Trade Rev, Digital Dealership Systems, Rapid Recon, Conversica, Dealermine and Dealer FX just to name a few and they were selling us on the latest and greatest in this digital world that we now live in. We have signed up with a few of them so far and are hoping that they will help us sell and fix more vehicles.

We have added 3 new product specialists to our sales team so I would like to welcome Brady Chuley, Kavi Punia and Manny De Guzman to the best sales department in North America 😊

E-Lead Department 

In the digital world our mobile was up 23.9% in January!  It was also up year over year so that means more and more people are using their mobile phones for almost everything these days and less people are using lap tops and tablets.

Did you know that Capital GMC is # 1 in the western region (CDK websites) for inventory searches, visitors on site and most time spent on the platform! 

More great news:

  • One of the busiest parts of our website in January was our online service scheduler which is great!
  • And the other great traffic generator for us in January came from GM Canada’s website!

Here is an article for you to review on how to sell to Millennials and some key takeaways…

Key Takeaways:

  1. This generation of shoppers does not like pressure or manipulation of any kind and are quick to move on.
  2. Asking questions about budget, equipment and buying timeline is a true turn off to Millennials. 
  3. So much of what will make or break your chances with a Millennial shopper is making a positive connection during the Meet & Greet.
  4. The more you find out about what they want, the more likely they will be to listen to your advice when you give it. The best way to lower their defenses is to create an environment where they feel they are controlling the process

5. They cannot be pushed or pressured. Millennials are not usually emotional buyers either. Avoid pressure tactics, or steering them toward a vehicle you think they can afford, and focus instead on inspiring them and giving them good reasons to buy their new vehicle from you.

6. Millennials spend an average of 17 hours online researching a vehicle before they purchase one.

New Sales

The New Vehicle Department relies heavily on digital programs to know what to order & when to order it. GM has given us a couple of tools to keeps track of our inventory & I have created a couple spreadsheets as well to make sure we have the right mix of different trims & colors of each model. We keep track of how many of each model we have on a biweekly basis & request more inventory from GM.

I run a report in Era Ignite that shows how many of each model & colour we have sold in the past & GM has a report to show us how many of each model sorted by trim was sold & it will sort by our area, province or even the country. After we know what is selling the best, I keep track of how many of each model sorted by trim we have in stock & in the system so we know how many more of each trim & colour to order. It is quite a process to keep track of since we have an average of 650 new Vehicles in the system & on ground here at any given time. 

Here is a screen shot of hot the inventory Balancing Tool works. 

Used Department

We have had a great start to 2019 with us selling 119 retail units in January! On average our dealership gets 270 online inquiries (eleads) per month and approximately 200 of them are specifically for one of our pre owned vehicles. We work hard everyday answering our customers questions, quoting payments and shooting a ton of personal vehicles for the customer. A few years ago a customer would shop at 5 dealerships before they decided to purchase a vehicle and today that has drastically dropped down to 1.4 dealerships before they decide to buy. Today they are doing all of their research online, picking the vehicle they want and then they will make an appointment to come to the dealership to take it for a test drive before they sign the paperwork. Today we have no option but to be up front and

transparent with the customer and deliver an over the top experience. We are a progressive group that never stops learning, we are open minded and embrace technology and that is why we are the #1 GM Certified dealership in Canada for the 11th year in a row!! It takes everyone in the dealership to make that happen so congratulations to everyone at Capital GMC Buick Cadillac in Regina! I also wanted to send out a huge shout out to our lot team for going over and above each day braving the freezing weather, keeping our lot and showroom looking great, checking in vehicles, running to the auction, driving customers around, and even running for the odd coffee 😊 Thank you!

Service Department

Greetings from Capital GMC Regina’s service team.  2019 has started out with a bang as we have been in the deep freeze for most of January and February.  We have lots of initiatives on the go in the service department.  We are currently working with Dealermine who is a third party company and will start helping us with our incoming service

appointment requests and all kind of follow up that will help us increase our service appointments each day.  We are also working with Wynn’s to make sure we are capitalizing on the appointments we have.  Last but not least we will be working with a training team from GM to assist with CSI and customer retention.  All good things in 2019!

One last thing…. Congratulations to Bruce Axelson and Capital GMC Buick Cadillac for winning the 2018 Presidents Award for excellence in customer satisfaction and business achievement from General Motors!