Explain Concept

Capital Cares provides financial, in-kind, and volunteer support to various organizations, educational and social programs, groups, and individuals.  The Capital Automotive Group

believes that supporting and being involved in our local community is a social responsibility that is integral to the lives of our customers, employees, and people in the cities we are a part of.

Current and Upcoming Projects –  Ongoing Fundraisers

Future Projects

If you receive any questions about your store or community regarding prizes or sponsorship for any businesses or support groups, please direct all inquiries to the Capital Cares Website (links are located within each of the stores’ website under the Category “About Us”)  

Staff Engagement In Events

Capital Ford Winnipeg – Mitch Gallant went live on Facebook promoting the Capital Cares Winter Warm-Up Campaign (Clothing donated to Siloam Mission). They bought $5 Tim Cards letting people know if they came down to the dealership with a donation, they would receive a $5 Tim Card.  They also purchased a Big Blue Bin and plastered it with Capital Cares Stickers. The story was also promoted on Instagram.

Community Involvement 

We continue to be motivated by all of the inspiring initiatives in our community. Every year, Capital Automotive Group invests thousands of dollars back into the community in support of various community initiatives