What is a company social committee?

A company social committee functions to improve the social environment of the workplace.  From spearheading charity campaigns to organizing staff events, company social committees encourage collaborative action and help create a sense of togetherness amongst co-workers.

The benefits of social committees for company culture

A social committee is a great strategy for strengthening a company culture, making it easier to assess new hires based on a collective set of values and interests. And besides the staffing services benefit, having a strong company culture differentiates your brand from the competition.  Unlike our products, customer service strategy or prices, company culture is extremely difficult to replicate.

The benefits of social committees for attracting top talent

A remarkable company culture often attracts top talent better than salary or title. That’s because a strong culture fosters a positive work environment, where employees feel appreciated, recognized and free to be creative.   And the thing about positive work environments is that word travels fast.

From social media to casual conversations, if your company is a great place to work, your employees will share the news.

The benefits of social committees for employee retention

Company social committees give employees the opportunity to showcase strengths outside their traditional workday roles. Employees can reap personal rewards from being involved and seeing their contribution as part of the outcome.

And at the end of the day, working together for a great cause is just plain old fun. 

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