Did you know that Capital Auto Group’s IT Dept is 90% paperless, the only documents we have is in the form of contracts or service agreements, which are then scanned and saved in the cloud!  Please try to do your part and only print out necessary documents.

Interesting fact: each time you print a page, it costs our company .01cents/page, on average we print around 50,000 pages/store/month to just 1 Lexmark Printer (service dept), imagine what our photocopiers print each month!

Introduction to the Chrome Box!  GOOGLE Operating System!

With the new product specialist’s PCs coming this year, you no longer have to worry about saving your documents locally, you will automatically save to your google drive which means you can pick up and continue on any available “ChromeBox” PC in any location!  Your Capital Auto email account does more than just get your emails, it’s your whole computing environment!

  • Simply log in with your email account
  • Voila! Your desktop with all your favourites and bookmarks along with your designated printer automatically appears
  • Your documents/data goes with you where ever you log in!

Check out this video below for a guided tour!