2019: Going Digital / Cultivating carma

So far this year we’ve made a major effort to give the carma name and brand a bit more recognition in our city and across the country. Since moving our team into the Conexus Cultivator space a month ago, carma has established a new business relationship with ISM/IBM which we hope to further develop in the upcoming months. ISM/IBM seems eager to be involved in the automotive industry and are interested in carma’s mission to create a platform similar to AirBnB for buying or selling used vehicles online.

To help give carma some more recognition across the country, we’ve sent out a business proposal that would create a synergy between the automotive retailers and private selling sites, service centres, body shops.

The packages we sent out contained a cover letter, a carma branded wireless phone charger, and a small booklet containing a brief history of carma and an overview of our business proposal. We sent out around 20 tailored packages to decision makers of companies such as: Canadian Tire, Mr. Lube, CSN Service Centers, Fix Auto, Kijiji and Used.ca, etc. The business proposals would help create a new revenue stream for each business with minimal effort required on their end. A response from any of the businesses would be a great opportunity and step forward for carma.

It’s been a swift start to the year for our carma and we are planning to carry that momentum through the rest of the first quarter. There is great potential on the horizon for carma to rapidly grow closer to our end goal of creating Canada’s first successful online marketplace for buying or selling used vehicles online.