Staying Ahead of the Curve

For this month’s issue, the theme is “a digital focus” and everything we do at Carbon is digital! We chose to highlight some interesting digital improvements we made in January.

Dynamic Ads

Shaq recently tested the waters with Dynamic Ads on Facebook. You’re probably wondering what that is.

This is a paid-for ad on Facebook that pulls up to 25 images directly from a website and displays them in a carousel-type fashion. This is amazing because a typical carousel ad only supports up to 10 photos.

It gets better! Facebook can automatically pull the unit, price, make, year, and model every single day. Plus, with the help of a code, Dynamic Ads will never pull a unit from the website with no image.

Animated Google Ads

Carbon has been venturing into the world of animated Google Ads, more than just the gifs we do now – that’s child’s play! With these new animated ads, different parts of the ad will fly, jump, or scroll right in, making the ad more seamless and modern.

We’re excited to start testing this new ad style and improve click-through rate results for our clients. We can’t wait to offer this style of ad to you and keep Capital at the forefront of automotive digital advertising.

Carbon Highlights From January

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Adam enjoyed a trip to Disney World with Holly