Sales Recap

January 2019 started the year off with a bang.  Making many changes to our digital space both in website, google ads, Facebook and the way we interact with our customers.  All of which have been received by our customer base very well and we have seen the increase in satisfaction and leads as a result.  

Many thanks to those that have spent many hours making this happen. Continue to watch for more exciting changes to come!! Capital Edmonton is dedicated to being the leader in Digital sales and interacting with our Customers where they want to be reached.

Top New Sales


January 2019 brought cold windy snowy weather to Edmonton but that didn’t stop our top New Sales guys from heating up and moving some metal.  Congrats to Caleb and Azi who tied for top spot on the month.

Top Used Sales


Reigning Champion Kelvin takes home the belt for a second month in a row.  Came to the first meeting ready to show off his hardware!! Congrats Kelvin

Service Recap


January brought some big changes to our Service Department. Svend and Amanda taking on the challenge of bettering the experience for our customers.  We are currently looking at many digital options that will continue to help us get better at what we do while increasing our ease of use for our customers.

New Service Advisor

Top Service Advisor


As we continue to build the best team in Edmonton we are excited to welcome Shawn to the Advisor team.  He brings great energy and a focus on customer service!! We look forward to watching you grow at Capital!!


Taking over the crown as the top advisor for January was Liz!  Congrats Liz!!

Past Monthly Event

The Parts Department was up to host the team in our Monthly Social Event.  They took us through a safari of knowledge. Teaching us all how to look up, order and find the parts on the shelves  

then served us a chilli lunch which was great on a cold January day.  Next up our Accounting and Finance departments will be treating us!

Note From the Mayor

So many great things going on in Denaliville.  We are continuing to track down the best ways to interact with and serve our customers in the Digital world.  Keep your eyes on our website for all the changes!!

As always thank you for what you all do to make Capital not only the best place to work but the best place for Edmonton to do all of their vehicle business!!

What is a company social committee?

A company social committee functions to improve the social environment of the workplace.  From spearheading charity campaigns to organizing staff events, company social committees encourage collaborative action and help create a sense of togetherness amongst co-workers.

The benefits of social committees for company culture

A social committee is a great strategy for strengthening a company culture, making it easier to assess new hires based on a collective set of values and interests. And besides the staffing services benefit, having a strong company culture differentiates your brand from the competition.  Unlike our products, customer service strategy or prices, company culture is extremely difficult to replicate.

The benefits of social committees for attracting top talent

A remarkable company culture often attracts top talent better than salary or title. That’s because a strong culture fosters a positive work environment, where employees feel appreciated, recognized and free to be creative.   And the thing about positive work environments is that word travels fast.

From social media to casual conversations, if your company is a great place to work, your employees will share the news.

The benefits of social committees for employee retention

Company social committees give employees the opportunity to showcase strengths outside their traditional workday roles. Employees can reap personal rewards from being involved and seeing their contribution as part of the outcome.

And at the end of the day, working together for a great cause is just plain old fun. 

Super Survey

Top Salesperson

Sabbir Rahman
Matt Winchar

Congratulations to Sabbir Rahman and Matt Winchar who tied for salesman of the month. The second month in a row by Matt, great work! It was a tight race with a number of guys 1 and 2 units behind. A great effort by all.

Top Advisor

Benny Ramnawaj

Congratulations to Benny for the most hours sold in service this month. Something tells me there’s a competition heating up.

Top Technician

Thank you to Dan Dzama and Ryan Kolomaya who produced the most hours in our shop and body shop. Thank you guys for your effort!

CSI/VOC person

Sales VOC 88.5/ 2018 YTD 92.8/ which is the highest YTD on record for Capital as an annual score.

Service VOC 59.1/ 2018 YTD 71.3/ Took a couple rough survey’s but there’s lot’s opportunity to get our scores up based on the people and processes we have in place.

New Cars Sold

40 new vehicles

Used Cars Sold

49 used vehicles

RO #1095

Competitor Info

We’re proud to represent the #2 spot in Western Canadian Lincoln retail volume. It’s a great start for Lincoln sales in 2019!

Current Initiatives 

Our Capital Cares Winter Warm Up clothing drive was a lot of fun. We were able to collect some great gear for folks who will need it. Winters in Winnipeg are something special. In Feb we’re trying to help with the I Love To Read Month. We had a handful of staff participate in the ROCK THE HOUSE CHARITY BONSPIEL in support of the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation. We raised over $500 and had a great time in support of a fantastic cause.

We’re a proud partner of the Manitoba Wildlife Federation and as part of that comes some advertising in a 8x/yr magazine. We had some fun putting together an ad with a super duty out ice fishing and I think Darnell, who’s never been on ice, let alone in a super duty shat himself pretty good. The photos turned out amazing and we’re looking forward to seeing the ad produced!

National Brand Info

We received and sold our very first Ranger! Can’t wait to have more of these adventurous machines around!

Employee Milestones

Welcome to some new team members! Charlene Biebrich and David Voss in service. Baldeep and Daler are joining us on a work placement. Jayden Thiessen and Jay Gunawardana in Sales and Kyla Johnson in Admin, so new (or shy) that she doesn’t have a photo yet!

Did you know that Capital Auto Group’s IT Dept is 90% paperless, the only documents we have is in the form of contracts or service agreements, which are then scanned and saved in the cloud!  Please try to do your part and only print out necessary documents.

Interesting fact: each time you print a page, it costs our company .01cents/page, on average we print around 50,000 pages/store/month to just 1 Lexmark Printer (service dept), imagine what our photocopiers print each month!

Introduction to the Chrome Box!  GOOGLE Operating System!

With the new product specialist’s PCs coming this year, you no longer have to worry about saving your documents locally, you will automatically save to your google drive which means you can pick up and continue on any available “ChromeBox” PC in any location!  Your Capital Auto email account does more than just get your emails, it’s your whole computing environment!

  • Simply log in with your email account
  • Voila! Your desktop with all your favourites and bookmarks along with your designated printer automatically appears
  • Your documents/data goes with you where ever you log in!

Check out this video below for a guided tour!

Improving Online Reputation

During January, UCC has been dedicated to perfecting our online presence. This includes sharpening our online reputation. Our front desk girls have been working closely with Podium and sending invites to every customer who walks through the door to review us online. We kindly ask them to leave some feedback on Google or Facebook so that others who are thinking about bringing their vehicle to UCC will know what kind of work we do.

We will continue to strive for online reviews to get UCC even more recognition online.

Social Media Initiative

UCC recently posted a giveaway on Facebook to attract more eyes on our Facebook page. We know how important it is to give back to the community and to get involved in these type of initiatives in the digital world.  

We gave away a $20 gift card to Robin’s Donuts and two limited edition UCC coffee mugs to a randomly selected winner, Brian Peter. We gained 36 new page followers that will now see all of our future posts.

Auto Spa

The Auto Spa was certainly kept busy in January. One vehicle, in particular, was a tough job. Check out this trade-in vehicle we awarded the “Nastiest Vehicle of the Month.”

*Not a customer’s vehicle. This Beetle was a trade-in.

Happy Birthday

Everyone at UCC’s Auto Spa wishes Logan Neiszner a happy 21st birthday. We celebrated with some delicious doughnuts this past Wednesday and John says “Ladies he’s single.”

Special Note From John

We all like coffee and doughnuts back here wink wink.

C:\Users\FORD-LT-114\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.MSO\E9792C26.tmp

It is no surprise that in the midst of our automotive business, we are evolving into the digital age and Human Resources is evolving digitally as well.

Across Canada, two thirds of organizations are undergoing a digital transformation. Capital is also part of that group.

What does digital mean for HR?

In order to manage our business, we need to transform the way we manage our people and our people.  From automating our payroll to processing new hires and benefit plans.

This will allow for all levels of management to begin to engage our employees in becoming active participants of setting their goals and communicating their objectives with Capital.

Curious to know your personality type??


Free Personality Test

Assessments are going digital and are designed to determine your “fit” in the organization. Take this FREE assessment and find out your personality!

2019: Going Digital / Cultivating carma

So far this year we’ve made a major effort to give the carma name and brand a bit more recognition in our city and across the country. Since moving our team into the Conexus Cultivator space a month ago, carma has established a new business relationship with ISM/IBM which we hope to further develop in the upcoming months. ISM/IBM seems eager to be involved in the automotive industry and are interested in carma’s mission to create a platform similar to AirBnB for buying or selling used vehicles online.

To help give carma some more recognition across the country, we’ve sent out a business proposal that would create a synergy between the automotive retailers and private selling sites, service centres, body shops.

The packages we sent out contained a cover letter, a carma branded wireless phone charger, and a small booklet containing a brief history of carma and an overview of our business proposal. We sent out around 20 tailored packages to decision makers of companies such as: Canadian Tire, Mr. Lube, CSN Service Centers, Fix Auto, Kijiji and, etc. The business proposals would help create a new revenue stream for each business with minimal effort required on their end. A response from any of the businesses would be a great opportunity and step forward for carma.

It’s been a swift start to the year for our carma and we are planning to carry that momentum through the rest of the first quarter. There is great potential on the horizon for carma to rapidly grow closer to our end goal of creating Canada’s first successful online marketplace for buying or selling used vehicles online.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

For this month’s issue, the theme is “a digital focus” and everything we do at Carbon is digital! We chose to highlight some interesting digital improvements we made in January.

Dynamic Ads

Shaq recently tested the waters with Dynamic Ads on Facebook. You’re probably wondering what that is.

This is a paid-for ad on Facebook that pulls up to 25 images directly from a website and displays them in a carousel-type fashion. This is amazing because a typical carousel ad only supports up to 10 photos.

It gets better! Facebook can automatically pull the unit, price, make, year, and model every single day. Plus, with the help of a code, Dynamic Ads will never pull a unit from the website with no image.

Animated Google Ads

Carbon has been venturing into the world of animated Google Ads, more than just the gifs we do now – that’s child’s play! With these new animated ads, different parts of the ad will fly, jump, or scroll right in, making the ad more seamless and modern.

We’re excited to start testing this new ad style and improve click-through rate results for our clients. We can’t wait to offer this style of ad to you and keep Capital at the forefront of automotive digital advertising.

Carbon Highlights From January

Richelle and Saurabh got engaged in India
Adam enjoyed a trip to Disney World with Holly

News From the Sales Departments

Vyas and his wife welcomed a new baby boy to the family on January 31st. Congratulations!

Jenny Deis, Business Manager, has left to pursue other opportunities in a warmer climate – British Columbia. Best of luck Jenny!

Top Sales Performers For January

New Vehicle Sales:

Top Overall:

Rajat Saggar

Used Vehicle Sales:

Abhijit Gavali

Digital Side

On the digital side with the help of our friends at Carbon, we do a Win It Wednesday every week where we give away a gift card to spend at a local business. Typically 500 people enter the draw every week.

Service Department: Gift Certificates for the 21st Century!!

I’m not sure about your stores , but in our store previously- if a customer came in around a special occasion or time of year and was looking to purchase a Gift Card or set up a credit for a loved one or friend- it was nearly impossible, depending on who they spoke with would determine what they walked away with!

We had some advisors writing up a repair order with a misc dollar amount billed out, we had our parts dept writing on an old “Gift Certificate Pad” and selling on a parts invoice- who knows where the duplicate copy would end up???

Then comes time for the excited recipient to come in to redeem their gift…. AND they forgot their copy at home… so now we try to figure out, was it sold at parts, or service— was the gift card in your name?? Or who bought it for your?? Maybe it’s under their name!!! Talk about making a GREAT first impression!!

Some of you may have even gone one step further than the Stone Age paper system and got actual gift cards. These are ok, but are still old technology.  A customer can still loose the card, when the customer comes in and does not use all of the gift card- they may be left wondering at a later date—“I wonder how much I have on this card??”

Along comes the Gift Card for the 21st Century-

Any card is an online, digital gift card. The card is purchased directly from the Capital Ford Regina home page from a link that is on the top menu tabs. When the customer decides to purchase a gift card they simply click the option, the system walks them through the purchase process- they pick the dollar amount, enter who will be receiving the gift and when they would like the gift send, they pick the graphics and message and simply hit send! It really doesn’t get any easier. The Gift card can be sent via text or email. When the card is redeemed and there is a remaining balance on the card, the customer will receive an email or text advising of the amount remaining.

The Gift cards can be used for ALL departments!

The Gift card is very versatile and can be used as well for promotions to drive traffic to your departments! You can send a gift card that works in correlation to a purchase amount, or just simply a Thank you for being our customer. If you have a policy decision- a Gift card can be used instead of a simple refund- thus keeping the moneys within your dealership. See the link below- if you are interested let me know and I can have someone reach out to you from Any Card.

Parts Department

January gave us a good start to the year, slightly ahead of the pace from 2018’s start, and after a soft December, Januarys a positive start for the year

We’d like to welcome Nick Bitz to our Ford Parts Team!  Nick joins us as a part time delivery driver!   Nick has retired from driving bus with the City of Regina and we love that experience of driving around town to help get our customers their parts in a timely fashion…Welcome Nick!

 Also we had Joe Urszulan starred in a Parts Video produced by Carbon Marketing that promoted our Parts Omnicraft  brand. We received a thank you from Ford for the quality of the video. Apparently it was part of Ford meetings and displayed in Canada and the United States. Trump loved it.  Thanks to everyone involved.

On the digital side, we are always putting some spend towards our Accessories business and also working on building our Omnicraft brand.  We are starting a pilot project with our Parts Catalogue provider, Micorcat.  It’s a robust CRM program strictly geared towards growing the Parts Wholesale business.  It involves tracking for customer sales, spontaneous CRM for quick to market specials and built in tools for our Sales rep top track not only sales results, but customer trends and customer history all at his fingertips plus much more we are learning about.  It’s looking like a promising program!

Happy February everyone! Wow it has been a cold month so far and I think the only people that are happy about it are all of the people that are on a hot vacation or all of the service and parts departments. Lol!

I had a great opportunity to attend the National Auto Dealers Association convention in January and I got to see a ton of great speakers and I was able to attend some great work shops. Everything was focused on digital and how the car industry is changing at a rapid pace. We came back with some great ideas and strategies to keep us ahead of the curve and industry leaders.

We got a ton of presentations from various companies like Reynolds and Reynolds, Ebay, Vauto, Trade Rev, Digital Dealership Systems, Rapid Recon, Conversica, Dealermine and Dealer FX just to name a few and they were selling us on the latest and greatest in this digital world that we now live in. We have signed up with a few of them so far and are hoping that they will help us sell and fix more vehicles.

We have added 3 new product specialists to our sales team so I would like to welcome Brady Chuley, Kavi Punia and Manny De Guzman to the best sales department in North America 😊

E-Lead Department 

In the digital world our mobile was up 23.9% in January!  It was also up year over year so that means more and more people are using their mobile phones for almost everything these days and less people are using lap tops and tablets.

Did you know that Capital GMC is # 1 in the western region (CDK websites) for inventory searches, visitors on site and most time spent on the platform! 

More great news:

  • One of the busiest parts of our website in January was our online service scheduler which is great!
  • And the other great traffic generator for us in January came from GM Canada’s website!

Here is an article for you to review on how to sell to Millennials and some key takeaways…

Key Takeaways:

  1. This generation of shoppers does not like pressure or manipulation of any kind and are quick to move on.
  2. Asking questions about budget, equipment and buying timeline is a true turn off to Millennials. 
  3. So much of what will make or break your chances with a Millennial shopper is making a positive connection during the Meet & Greet.
  4. The more you find out about what they want, the more likely they will be to listen to your advice when you give it. The best way to lower their defenses is to create an environment where they feel they are controlling the process

5. They cannot be pushed or pressured. Millennials are not usually emotional buyers either. Avoid pressure tactics, or steering them toward a vehicle you think they can afford, and focus instead on inspiring them and giving them good reasons to buy their new vehicle from you.

6. Millennials spend an average of 17 hours online researching a vehicle before they purchase one.

New Sales

The New Vehicle Department relies heavily on digital programs to know what to order & when to order it. GM has given us a couple of tools to keeps track of our inventory & I have created a couple spreadsheets as well to make sure we have the right mix of different trims & colors of each model. We keep track of how many of each model we have on a biweekly basis & request more inventory from GM.

I run a report in Era Ignite that shows how many of each model & colour we have sold in the past & GM has a report to show us how many of each model sorted by trim was sold & it will sort by our area, province or even the country. After we know what is selling the best, I keep track of how many of each model sorted by trim we have in stock & in the system so we know how many more of each trim & colour to order. It is quite a process to keep track of since we have an average of 650 new Vehicles in the system & on ground here at any given time. 

Here is a screen shot of hot the inventory Balancing Tool works. 

Used Department

We have had a great start to 2019 with us selling 119 retail units in January! On average our dealership gets 270 online inquiries (eleads) per month and approximately 200 of them are specifically for one of our pre owned vehicles. We work hard everyday answering our customers questions, quoting payments and shooting a ton of personal vehicles for the customer. A few years ago a customer would shop at 5 dealerships before they decided to purchase a vehicle and today that has drastically dropped down to 1.4 dealerships before they decide to buy. Today they are doing all of their research online, picking the vehicle they want and then they will make an appointment to come to the dealership to take it for a test drive before they sign the paperwork. Today we have no option but to be up front and

transparent with the customer and deliver an over the top experience. We are a progressive group that never stops learning, we are open minded and embrace technology and that is why we are the #1 GM Certified dealership in Canada for the 11th year in a row!! It takes everyone in the dealership to make that happen so congratulations to everyone at Capital GMC Buick Cadillac in Regina! I also wanted to send out a huge shout out to our lot team for going over and above each day braving the freezing weather, keeping our lot and showroom looking great, checking in vehicles, running to the auction, driving customers around, and even running for the odd coffee 😊 Thank you!

Service Department

Greetings from Capital GMC Regina’s service team.  2019 has started out with a bang as we have been in the deep freeze for most of January and February.  We have lots of initiatives on the go in the service department.  We are currently working with Dealermine who is a third party company and will start helping us with our incoming service

appointment requests and all kind of follow up that will help us increase our service appointments each day.  We are also working with Wynn’s to make sure we are capitalizing on the appointments we have.  Last but not least we will be working with a training team from GM to assist with CSI and customer retention.  All good things in 2019!

One last thing…. Congratulations to Bruce Axelson and Capital GMC Buick Cadillac for winning the 2018 Presidents Award for excellence in customer satisfaction and business achievement from General Motors! 

Explain Concept

Capital Cares provides financial, in-kind, and volunteer support to various organizations, educational and social programs, groups, and individuals.  The Capital Automotive Group

believes that supporting and being involved in our local community is a social responsibility that is integral to the lives of our customers, employees, and people in the cities we are a part of.

Current and Upcoming Projects –  Ongoing Fundraisers

Future Projects

If you receive any questions about your store or community regarding prizes or sponsorship for any businesses or support groups, please direct all inquiries to the Capital Cares Website (links are located within each of the stores’ website under the Category “About Us”)  

Staff Engagement In Events

Capital Ford Winnipeg – Mitch Gallant went live on Facebook promoting the Capital Cares Winter Warm-Up Campaign (Clothing donated to Siloam Mission). They bought $5 Tim Cards letting people know if they came down to the dealership with a donation, they would receive a $5 Tim Card.  They also purchased a Big Blue Bin and plastered it with Capital Cares Stickers. The story was also promoted on Instagram.

Community Involvement 

We continue to be motivated by all of the inspiring initiatives in our community. Every year, Capital Automotive Group invests thousands of dollars back into the community in support of various community initiatives