Sales Department

Top Salesperson

Congratulations to Matt Winchar, salesman of the month for February with an even split of 7 New and 7 Used and the top salesman for the 3rd consecutive month.

VOC Person/Highlights

VOC is and will continue to be a hot topic over the upcoming days. We must find a way to not only continue our increased sales rates but we also have to ensure that customers are happy. That we’re setting proper expectations and delivering on them.

New Cars Sold


RO#1194 service RO’s and 115 Body Shop RO’s

Used Cars Sold


Competitor Info

The marketplace has softened and every dealership but 2 are seeing increases in parts and service this year. We’re proud to be counted in as one of those stores. We continue to outpace our previous results and the market place in general. Thank you for all you bring to the table and all your help to put us in such an enviable position!

Service Department

Top Technician

Congratulations to our ENTIRE service team. Together you pulled off the best February ever in this dealership. Almost exactly 3x more than just a few years ago. It’s not always easy and with work coming through at an unprecedented pace it can be uncomfortable but you were able to get through and mark one up in the record books. Thank you all for all you do!


$226,908 in Parts Sold!

Welcome to the team:

Leo Caronte, joining us as our 3rd finance manager. John Medeiros, joining our sales management team. Tara Goebel, joining the sales team. John Mempin, joining the detailing team. Justin Fernandes, manning the helm up front at reception.