Have you ever wonder how you’re connected and where all your data is stored or what it looks like?

The majority of our data is housed in the cloud through google suites, but as for how you get there and out to the cloud, or to the Capital Group’s servers , we run a very complex and stable network that ties everyone into our air conditioned, temperature controlled server room.

With thousands of ethernet cables connecting your individual computers to the internet and back to our main facility in Regina.

All Reynolds and Reynolds server/network gear are neatly housed in a rolling cabinet with its own power supply and backup batteries.  Our Main Capital Auto Group servers are on a steel rack connected through several hundreds of ports. It’s amazing that we managed to tie in 5 individual dealerships into one centralized location!

For security purposes, the room is always locked and a timesheet is used to monitor who comes and goes into the room at all times.

Here’s a glimpse of what our main server room looks like.