Hello Capital Auto Group,

Happy New Year and thank you again for all the hard work in 2018. I look forward to our journey together in 2019. So here we are the first edition of Capital Connected. What is this? It is a way for Capital to get Connected. We think that you all have a lot of super stories to tell about the great things happening at each location of the Capital Automotive Group.

There are many individual accomplishments that need to get recognized, and many team triumphs too.  We wish to celebrate long term employees and welcome the new. We wish to tell stories of who makes the Capital Auto Group really work. Plus we want to tell you what’s going on around the corner. The first issue is a little longer because we wanted to get you caught up for last year. In future editions we hope you join us in telling a good news story from your corner of the Capital Auto Group.

See you soon,

Dan Broderick

With the start of the new year, Capital Social club will be meeting in January to set events for the 2019 year. This will include 4 BBQ’s for the staff over the summer months.

Our Kids Christmas Party was a big success… We had about 50 kids and their family members attend the event at the Science Centre in Regina… As a business partner, the Science Centre provided the venue to us… Thanks to Sarath Kozhisseri for being a great Santa.

The following people at GMC Regina are celebrating 3 months with Capital. Congrats!!!!!

  • Emmanuel De Guzman
  • Graden Henderson
  • Rod Campbell
  • Peter Akhigbe
  • Nicole Tumack
  • Nikolla Kuro
  • Jawad Rashid
  • Melissa Dormuth